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Iowa Public Health Expands NACDD Grant Work into Statewide Strategic Plan

State: Iowa

Submitted Date: 2017

Public Health Issue
  • Twelve percent of Iowans report having a disability.
  • Adult Iowans with disabilities when compared to adults without disabilities
    • Are less active,
    • Have poorer general health, and
    • Have more high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, heart attacks, stroke, diabetes and arthritis.
  • Making opportunities to be active more accessible for people with disabilities can improve their health and reduce chronic disease.
Program Action
  • Iowa’s state expert advisors expanded the work of an NACDD pilot project beyond the two pilot communities, Carroll County and Sioux City, to county public health agencies and community disability service providers. The expert advisors will continue pursuing local policy, system, and environmental changes to improve healthy living opportunities for Iowans with disabilities.
  • A survey of county public health agencies and state disability community service providers gathered useful information about their interests and needs for use by the state expert advisors in developing a four-year technical assistance and training plan.
  • All Community Health Needs Assessments and Health Improvement Plans from Iowa’s 99 counties were evaluated for disability inclusion.
  • The Iowa Department of Public Health’s Strategic Plan 2017-2021 now has a focus on obesity, physical activity and nutrition that will help the strengthen state capability to improve population health.
  • The successful outcomes in the two Iowa pilot communities stimulated the Iowa Department of Public Health’s expansion of disability inclusion efforts across the agency’s departments and programs and into more counties statewide, creating an opportunity for more inclusive health promotion activities. 
Jane Gay
University of Iowa